A walk in the woods,
Is not all that I need,
But it’s one of many.

In winter, it’s quiet.
The snow absorbs 
All the noise, and
Most birds have left.
This leaves me 
Feeling peaceful.

In spring, it’s muddy.
The snow falls and 
Switches over to rain.
Things start to turn
Green--my favorite color.
I stop my walk,
To enjoy the sunlight
Through new leaves.

In summer, it’s humid,
And storms are coming.
It’s sunny when I leave,
But cumulonimbus clouds 
show up, and lightning strikes
I’m excited
And feel invigorated.

In autumn, it’s crisp.
The cool air sends a chill,
And colorful leaves litter 
The forest floor.
They crunch
With each step.
With much vigilance,
I listen to critters scatter
About, getting ready
To be quiet.

So regardless of season,
I will walk,
I will observe,
I will feel,
And I will ponder.

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