Monsters in Suits

Where do we go?
To the left are monsters,
To the right are monsters in suits.
Forward is a cliff,
And behind us 
Is an arid, deadly desert.
We wind up going right,
But I didn’t agree to this.
You see, I have a rope.
I know how to make knots,
And I can get us all down the cliff.
But the group wants to go right,
So I stick with the others
Because maybe I can help
Fight the monsters,
And I can only hope
The group doesn’t 
Put on the suits and become
The new generation of monsters.

We take on the monsters
With our swords and spears,
And with our fists, we fight.
Some of us die,
But we get all the monsters.
As we recuperate,
We accede that we will never
Ever put on one of their suits.
We go on about our lives,
Settling in the newly cleansed
Area, monster-free,
Grateful for our new home
And the safety that comes with it.

But one day, one man saw 
the suits.
He fell into temptation,
And put it on. 
Someone said
“Hey, he looks mighty powerful
In that suit,”
And then the man in the suit
Begun to act like a dictator,
And most of us ignored him,
Still going on about our lives,
But someone claimed 
“I want to look mighty powerful,”
So he put on a suit too,
And he looked just as powerful.
Something about the two…
They acted differently with the suits.
They were malicious as a 
Man-eating mountain lion,
But the power was great,
Enticing, appealing, tantalizing to all.
One by one,
Each member of the group put on the suits.
Only a few of us didn’t,
And we were destroyed 
by those that did.
They all were corrupted by power,
And they became
The monsters in suits to the right.

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