Why Personality Theory Sucks

Different personality theories
Separate people into 
Several different categories.
This is called “typing.”
Some become obsessed
Over their type,
Change the way they are
Because of their supposed type,
And this is a severe problem.

You can’t type me.
I am untypable. 
I am all the types,
Therefore I am 
None of the types.

Be yourself because
That’s all we can do,
But we have multiple selves
So you have to choose
The best one
And chase it.
Chase your best self,
Improve upon it,
But stay authentic.

Don’t follow the crowd
For the sake of being
With the crowd.
If you must follow the crowd,
Do so for safety,
Do so because it’s
Imperative to being yourself,
Do so because
It feels right.

Listen to your conscience,
Don't kill it.
Use it to your advantage,
And stop overanalyzing
Every little decision.

Don’t type yourself,
Remind yourself
You are one of roughly
Eight billion types,
And that you are one
Of one type:
The human type.

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