Your Malice (My Paranoia)

“I don’t see anything,” you tell me,
But the bear is right there
In the backyard eating berries,
Why can’t you see it?
I know you can,
You can see me, so you’re not blind.
You must be lying for some reason.

“I didn’t say anything,” you declare,
With a concerned look on your face,
But I heard you clear as day say
“They’re in your food.”
I don’t think I should trust you.
You keep telling me things
That aren’t true.

“That’s nonsense!” you yell.
I don’t even know what I said,
That was in another realm,
One hundred years ago,
And those words 
That came out my mouth,
Were never in my head.

The fucking pillow is red!
You’re talking!
I’m seeing the brightest of reds, 
and I’m confused as you in calculus
as to why you’re hurting me
And I’m scared 
As a five year old in the haunted mine
Because no one is on my side anymore,

I bet you would try to convince me 
The pillow is black.
Why are you invalidating me?
Are you some gaslighting sociopath?
You were amicable when I met you.

There is no doubt in my mind
Of your newfound malice,
You dirty trickster.

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