Growing Weary

I’m growing weary
Of the ephemerality of stability.
It’s not fair–no nevermind;
Nothing is fair–it just plain
Old sucks

That I spends weeks, sometimes months
In an out-of-control manic state
Feeling God run through my veins
As my bank account gets wounded
And I unknowingly hurt myself
Over and over again,
Burning bridges like some
Kind of arsonist

Followed by weeks, maybe months
Of soul-crushing depression
And feeling that the world is just too much for me–
Or am I too much for it?

Then it eases
Oh so temporarily

Before the cycle repeats.

Fearful and Avoidant

Feeling wild and free
Feeling wide-eyed and please
Won’t you take my hand and
Let me in your band?
I thought we were together
But you didn’t call and say whether
You were too busy so I assume
You don’t want to be in the same room. 
Alone here I sit
Feeling lost: this is my exit.

Whatever May Come (Poetry by Sara)

The excitement hits me like
Flurries in a New Hampshire winter–
Unexpected, out of nowhere,
Short lasting, but could amount to
Either the greatest day,
The messiest of situations,
Or nothing at all.
That’s okay.
Let the flakes fall
And land where they may.

Catch You on the Flip Side

I am on a lifelong journey
That started at birth,
But won’t end with my death.
No, my spirit will venture onwards.

I will continue to explore the heavens
And the pits of Hell
Never knowing where I’ll fit in;

Even God doesn’t know what to do with me.


It’s a shame
I don’t remember much,
Because so much has happened.
I remember the car crash.
I remember buffalo sauce,
But I don’t remember much else.
I don’t remember what music
To which we made love.
I don’t remember when
Was the last time I showered.
I remember being furious,
And I remember feeling the stars
Between each of my finger tips.
I know I’ve done a lot of writing
Without a lot of saying.
I was afraid to open my mouth today,
What stupid words would I say?