Trepidations- Poem by Sara

With terror I trust that I am talentless at writing,
Though I believe it is what saved me,
And that is my main reason for continuing.
Still I worry that those who believed in me
And my ability
Were clueless or lying, and either way,
If I am wrong for worrying about such things,
I apologize for being so accusatory
And for not believing in myself.
I should know better. I should know
It’s better to do the things I love,
Even if my ability doesn’t exceed
My Eiffel Tower expectations
Especially at the beginning of the journey.
Of course I’m no pro, I just started,
But I’ve got the passion to persevere.
How else will I get better?

My Selfish Secret- Poem by Sara

I don’t write because
I want to change the world
Or make the comfortable
Feel discomfort
And those uncomfortable
Experience comfort.
I write to benefit
Nobody other than myself.
I write because 
It’s the only thing that keeps
Me safe and sane.
If I weren’t writing this
Right now,
I might be drinking
Or bleeding
Or killing my kidneys with 
Too much lithium.
My writing is
My selfish secret
I’m willing to share.