It’s a shame
I don’t remember much,
Because so much has happened.
I remember the car crash.
I remember buffalo sauce,
But I don’t remember much else.
I don’t remember what music
To which we made love.
I don’t remember when
Was the last time I showered.
I remember being furious,
And I remember feeling the stars
Between each of my finger tips.
I know I’ve done a lot of writing
Without a lot of saying.
I was afraid to open my mouth today,
What stupid words would I say?

Chasing Stars

When chasing every car
Is like chasing every star,
All these bright lights
Become my satellites.

So, I’ll chase the moon
And I’ll swing and I’ll swoon;
I stare into eyes like silver,
As his lips make me quiver.

I don’t know if I’m in the wrong,
But sing along with me this song
While I’ll chase the cars
And pretend I’m chasing stars.

Lulu’s Poem

Lu-Bee Lu-Bee Lu,
I wonder, how are you?
Lu-Bee Lu-Bee Lu,
All the things you’ve been through!
Let’s play hide and seek
Every day of every week
Lovely Lulu, the stuff you do
Lovely Lu, how’d you escape the zoo?!
Lu-Bee Lu-Bee Lu,
Oh, how I love you!

I Only Saw His Legs and His Feet and That’s All That I Needed to See.

There are teeth
Where his toes should be.
His eyes are joints in his legs,
His mouth is mistakenly misaligned,
Where it goes, only he knows.
How did his creator create him?
Did they think they were doing a favor?
No, he did it with fervor
In a state close to Mordor
Never to know locations of the doors.
There was never a chance for him,
But one day his type will rule,
They will conquer us in combat,
And we will condone that.
It all started with a simple
“What if I put teeth
Where this man’s toes should be?”
From a simple man.
And a simple question like that
Can change everything right off the bat.

We Weren’t Alright

I always thought
We were having such fun.
I don’t know about that anymore.
We were a constant risk
To everyone
Including ourselves.
A love so reckless.
That “fun” we were having,
Was just passive suicidality
On both of our parts.
We wanted to live fast
So we’d die hard.
It seemed like 
Good ole’ tomfoolery at the time,
But it wasn’t.
Do you recognize that?

Sorry for the lack of consistency

I went manic and had to go inpatient for a few weeks. I didn’t get much work done there and what I did I tore up in a rage so it’s back to the beginning I guess. I think from now on, this blog/website is going to focus on mental health/mental illness since that is what controls my life right now along with being on some pretty heavy duty medications. Things may be slow-going for a few weeks but I’ll try to publish a few poems.

Thank you for your continued understanding. “Remember not to quit, but to rest.”