Long Gangly Arms

I have these
Long gangly arms
That just don’t know how to hug.
They’re made to keep people 
At least an arm’s length away.
I’ve been told I suck at hugging,
But the truth is I just don’t know
How to hug people I don’t like.
And boy are there a lot of people
I don’t care for!
How do I give someone who repeatedly
Hurt my loved ones
The same kind of hug I would give my loved ones?
I reserve the great big bear hugs
That show I care, and mean it,
For those that need it.
No, I will not give abusers my best hugs,
My best hugs are reserved for my best friends:
People who will appreciate awkward hugs
From a skinny girl with long gangly arms
Because they know what it’s like
To feel like you need to force showing affection
To those who don’t deserve it.

Chasing Stars

When chasing every car
Is like chasing every star,
All these bright lights
Become my satellites.

So, I’ll chase the moon
And I’ll swing and I’ll swoon;
I stare into eyes like silver,
As his lips make me quiver.

I don’t know if I’m in the wrong,
But sing along with me this song
While I’ll chase the cars
And pretend I’m chasing stars.